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If you’re looking for the absolute pinnacle of glutathione skin whitening, look no further. These glutathione vials contain high doses of pure glutathione for the fastest, most effective, and most dramatic skin whitening possible. All of these vials come with a vitamin C solution that makes the bloodstream and skin cells more susceptible to glutathione whitening.

These vials sell in droves because they are the #1 way to get lighter skin, but many people are not aware of all of the other glutathione benefits. It is an antioxidant that boosts liver, brain, and immune function while increasing the efficiency of all of the body’s internal systems. In light of these facts, it is easy to see how glutathione makes the skin lighter. It does so by breaking down excess melanin in the skin cells and eliminating any harmful pollutants and free radicals that could cause cellular damage and aging. These glutathione side effects make themselves apparent in physical cosmetic improvements to the skin, but they are actually the result of the skin being as healthy as it could possibly be. If you look at these glutathione before & after pictures, you can see how the skin isn’t just lighter; it is also more even, toned, and radiant. Even blemishes and early signs of aging are remedied by the glutathione’s internal purifying properties.

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Most of our customers take their gluta vials sublingually at their convenience in the comfort of their own homes, though some prefer to take their vials to doctors or nurses for a proper glutathione injection. Both methods give you the same results. To take the glutathione sublingually, all you have to do is mix a vial of glutathione and an ampoule of vitamin C together and then deposit one-fourth of the solution under your tongue with the included pipette. This is done twice a day for two days in a row. The process is repeated again after a one-day break and is done until you have reached your desired skin tone. Once your skin has lightened sufficiently, you can decrease your vial intake to once a week, or you can switch to a daily oral glutathione supplement.


Sublingual administration is the best way to get maximum results for the minimum glutathione cost. If you want more information about how to use the vials, or if you need help choosing the right dosage for your desired results, feel free to email or call us. 

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